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The MDM Solution for Transportation

Intelligent management provides an enhanced quality of service at effective operations and extended manageability. This is also a top trend in the highly competitive transportation industry. One of the major problems faced by the transportation industry is the difficulty to effectively look at performance history for getting people and goods from point A to point B. The fleet management is answering the market needs to assess the productivity and effectiveness of fleets.

XCome SkyMDM will help you to integrate the fleet management into mobile devices likes commercially available smartphone or tablet. By locking it down to only the allowed applications , the mobile device can be treated as a terminal with limitable operations and enable drivers to arrange the routing, time estimation, check the driving cost and communication with customers…etc.

Smartphone Holder

XCome SkyMDM is a Cloud-based central management platform for controlling a large number of enterprise mobile devices by one-time deployment. SkyMDM allows IT admin to group up the devices by similar team, department, or area, then deploy the policy to the group by one time. The latest enterprise-APP can be pushed to the end devices remotely as well.

The EMM/MDM Solution for Transportation

XCome SkyMDM Remote Lock and Remote Wipe enable you to make appropriate disposal for those losing devices to prevent  the leakage of business confidential.

The Location Tracking will help you to track the movements for each vehicle at any time. Assist you in making the fastest disposal and arranging the road rescue to your fleet.

Contact us to find out how we could help your business mobility by XCome SkyMDM solution.

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