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The EMM/MDM Solution for Gaming

Games on any platform need to be able to efficiently deliver new contents and communicate to keep up with user experiences. Nowadays, all kind of platforms provides more open technology and policy-wise to enable the creation of expansive and consistent online experiences to expand the gaming industry’s options.


Mobile games market changed radically since the launched of Apple App Store in 2008. It is a big boost to broadening the market from the niche proposition to virtually every smartphone owner downloading mobile games. This also causes the entire game industry is facing global competition.

Cold Fight

Therefore, how to enhance the loyalty of game users through differentiated marketing has become one of the critical issues. Game developers typically operate a variety of mobile games in the same period. They must win the market share and create the revenue under a limited budget.


XCome SkyMDM will help you to integrate the gaming application into mobile devices likes commercially available smartphone or tablet. Developers can launch game-exclusive mobile phones to provide more value-added service to improve the contribution of game users, for example:


  1. The game-specific mobile phone supports user-defined boot mode, the user can log in directly to the game without additional operations;

  2. Besides, users can continuance the game by power-saving/silence mode to accelerate the level upgrades and complete daily tasks at any time and anywhere.

  3. Developers can also deploy game-related applications to that specific-phone via EMM cloud, such as the mobile widget, theme, wallpaper, ringtone, the game guide for free use but prohibited to share by any method.

  4. Developer-exclusive app store allows focusing on promoting their game series without displaying competitor's APPs.


Contact us to find out more integration ideas by XCome SkyMDM solution.

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