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Financial Services

The EMM/MDM Solution for Financial Services

Intelligent management provides an enhanced quality & performance of financial service operations and extended manageability. Financial services are covering a wide range of businesses including credit unions, banks, credit card companies, insurance companies, accountancy companies, consumer-finance companies, stock brokerages, investment funds, individual managers and some government-sponsored enterprises. Given the complexity and rapid change of financial services, how to make good use of financial technology to accelerate the response for the fast-changing market and to give a prompt response to the customers becoming a hot topic.

The EMM/MDM Solution for Financial Services
Business Meeting

We often see that financial professionals use a lot of different sales tools to promote the bank’s business. Or, the insurance professional explains and compares the insurance terms to the customer through a pile of documents. From the above instance, it’s imperative to integrate these services into mobile devices through financial technology.

XCome SkyMDM will help you to integrate those financial service applications into mobile devices likes commercially available smartphone or tablet. By locking it down to only the allowed applications, the mobile device can be treated as a terminal with limitable operations not only to present, introduce, compare and calculate for the financial products to customers but also allows connecting to the CRM systems to arrange one-day sales visiting.


XCome SkyMDM is a central management platform for controlling a large number of enterprise mobile devices by one-time deployment. SkyMDM allows IT admin to group up the devices by similar team, department, or area, then deploy the policy to the group by one time. The latest enterprise-APP can be pushed to the end devices remotely as well. The mobile devices also allow being set up as KIOSK mode remotely, so that it will become an information panel where displayed on the front desk.


XCome SkyMDM Remote Lock and Remote Wipe enable you to make appropriate disposal for those losing devices for preventing the leakage the business confidential.


Contact us to find out what’s more we could help your business integration by XCome SkyMDM   solution.

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