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Customized MDM for Enterprise Security and Productivity Improvement

Tailor-made MDM solution is suit for enterprise operation

Great  amount of deployment to manage corporately-owned mobile

Customized MDM and upgrade Firmware Over-the-Air (FOTA)

Secure your devices against theft and unauthorized access

Are you tired of the generic MDM solutions?

Try XCome MDM to enjoy a fully control mobile environment.
擎願科技(XCome)-EMM/MDM Overview

Does your enterprise rely heavily on mobile devices to keep the business running including smartphone, tablet or other android devices/equipment? XCome provides the standard MDM solution-SkyMDM which enables central management to secure, monitor, manage, and support mobile devices deployed across enterprises.


XCome SkyMDM offers a comprehensive, user-friendly and flexible setup solution to provide your employees with the tools, resources, and content they need to achieve their objectives while maintaining the security your business requires.


XCome is an Android Enterprise Silver partner and have successively obtained Android enterprise certification, including: android enterprise associate certified, android enterprise professional certified, android enterprise expert certified. Moreover, we are experts in helping to customize the enterprise MDM solution and "You don't need to put up with the inflexible and generic MDM solution and to cost them a lot of budgets anymore". Reach us for tailor-made a fully managed mobile environment.


Mobile Device Management

SkyMDM enable to manage & secure the device fleet remotely

Device Functionality

Enable to set up the basic mobile phone functionality, such as camera, microphone, SD card, screen capture, firmware recovery…etc. It helps the enterprise to prevent any leakage of business or product confidential.

Hardware Restriction

Enable to limited use for the status bar, task manager, turn off the device buttons or Keys. These restrictive features are especially suitable for the mobile devices being set up as KIOSK mode so that it will become an information panel where displayed on the front desk or public area.

Certificate Management

Mobile device certificates enable businesses who rely on the internet and its ecosystem to perform authentication and prevent unauthorized access to the corporate system and network. IT admin can upload, push and manage the certificate remotely.

Passcode Policy

To enforce password security, IT admin must be absolutely certain that everyone who accesses your corporate data with a smartphone has a password set on the device. This configuring set enables to setup password policies for enterprise mobile devices.

Device Security

IT admin can make appropriate disposal for those losing devices for preventing the leakage the business confidential by using the MDM functions such as remote lock, remote wipe, remove file/directory, restore factory settings.

Sync & Storage

Make sure all your important data is always synced and protected. IT admin can set up the policy to enable mobile phones to backup the APP and its specific data, calendar, files to cloud storage automatically.

Wireless Communications Management

SkyMDM ensure safe communication for enterprise mobile devices to avoid malware attacks


Monitors, blocks, and logs for calls, SMS, and MMS sent to and from devices based on user policy. SkyMDM platform also supports to restrict the phone call only allowing to dialup to the contacts pre-build in company phone book.

Network and Roaming

Wireless network security is always a critical component of enterprise mobility strategy. To make sure you have policies in place to keep your employee and your enterprise data safe. SkyMDM platform enables the user to easily configure the policy for airplane mode, background data, Wi-Fi, roaming and do not disturb node settings.

NFC & Bluetooth

NFC & Bluetooth is a wireless communication to enable the handheld device to transmit data, stream music or make payments contactless and wirelessly over a short distance. SkyMDM platform enables you to manage all types of wireless communication to protect not only the device and its data at rest but the entire.


The device can connect to the mobile phone or tablet via tethering in one of the three ways - Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and USB. These registrations enable you to make sure the integrity of mobility management strategy.

Location Tracking

The policy of location tracking enables administrators to track the location of your enrolled devices on-demand. This setting can provide answers to questions like where and when–based on device activities, enforcing a level of security and control over the device. It particularly suitable for fleet management and salesforce tracking.

Mobile Application Management

SkyMDM enable Provisioning and Controlling access to internally developed and
commercially available mobile apps.

Application Distribution

Maximize the deployment of mobile applications on the employee or company-owned devices.

Enterprise APP Store

Enable to upload & manage your enterprise mobile apps in basic/advanced store layout

App Repository

Enable to configure and manage all mobile APPs, such as disable, hidden and remove…etc.


BYOD is a part of a specific corporate MDM  policy in which an organization agrees to support personal mobile devices or even provides a stipend to employees to purchase a device.

Advanced MDM Management

SkyMDM advanced MDM functions allow administrators to define
conditions and actions exhaustive for the user behavior.

KIOSK Application

The mobile devices also allow being setup as KIOSK mode remotely by a fixed app or multiple apps. It is ideal for use as a sales promotion display panel by using Android devices.


The schedules simply put the profile installation on a schedule. It enables you to control when each device profile is active.

Mobile Content Management

This strategy enables employees to securely access critical enterprise data and collaborate with other employees on any network or mobile device.

Web Management

Allows configuration of white-list and blacklist URLs to avoid access to harmful websites. This configuration can also be used to set up home pages and website shortcuts.


Geo-fences identify when a device enters and exits a secure area. Administrators can use it as part of a mobile device management (MDM) strategy.

Report and Logs

SkyMDM platform collects the logs to help administrator for analyzing the events and generating the reports.

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